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Kelemchi picks !


Blue Bubble Online Jewellery 

I found this selection of cute earrings on EBay and have purchased many sets and anticipated  their arrival with no delay .Beautifully packaged ,perfect as a gift or cute addition to your collection .

Himalayan Salt Lamp 

There are many benefits to having Himalayan salt in the diet and home environment .
It is said that this gorgeous rock will help lung function and even reduce the  effects of negative ions in the home.
The  ambient glow is so comforting and perfect in any of your favourite rooms complimentary to any decor .

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade 

The one and only Anastasia dipbrow has proudly taken place on my creation station this month and quite frankly, I love it ! The texture is thickening to the brow and  easy to use along with your favourite brush (mine being the Real Techniques Lip Brush .
The formula is so adaptable and like to add a little The ordinary argan oil if I am looking to achieve a stronger brow .
Absolute perfection in the natural cool Ash Brown  shade of
Transfer resistant and waterproof I can go about even the busiest of days without having to give my brows a second thought .

LA Girl PRO Conceal Porcelain 

I just love the pro conceal formula on my skin the brush nib ensures a super quick application .
The coverage is full and not in any way drying or chalky .
I have one with me wherever I go .

Pukka Supreme Matcha Green Tea

 This is a splendid infusion by pukka herbs and really balances the green tea flavour that can at times be a little bitter .
If you ate looking to drink green tea this is a great selection to make .
The benefits are just to good to overlook and even if you are not so keen on the taste I suggest a little perseverance and it will quickly become a part of your healthy routine.

Superdrug Solait Tanning Mousse 

Let me explain here that I have previously used only one other brand of tanning mouse and did so for over 4 years so this was a huge step out of my comfort zone .
This is another beautiful formula from the entirely cruelty free Superdrug range.
 I found it so easy to apply , scented subtly of tropical coconuts the medium shade will have your skin forgetting that its even winter and well lets be honest we all feel better with a summery glow . Perfectly priced and packaged now a permanent fixture and so reasonably priced .

Eden Perfumes Brighton, UK

What's your favourite smell ? 
I love the scent of  cherry bakewells , fresh oranges and new books . When it comes to fragrance choice though the days of getting through a bottle of Lacoste Touch of Pink in a fortnight are long gone . 
An everlong favourite of my more matured self is Gypsy water from luxury brand Byredo,  it is beautiful,  soft and refined quite like myself ... yeah, right ? 
When I last checked it was not cruelty free and for this reason  I have not used it for a few years . 
Until I discovered EDEN , based in Brighton, UK this company , by hand create perfumes in a natural, cruelty free manner and even better at 1/3 of the price . 
I had to try it and I am so pleased with the result, I am now able to build a collection that will not only be kind to the senses but also the environment.  
Ordering is easy using the search bar to seek the dupe you are looking for accepting  of PayPal and fast shipping,  Awesome ! 

Bosh ! Inspired crispy chilli tofu

I know,I know tofu ... ok so not famed for its wealth of flavour but this is a guaranteed winner and is made at least once a week in my home .
 I was inspired by the series of Bosh vegan cookery books and love recreating the recipes.
 More about those later ... Right then who's hungry ?

This may sound strange but I love slicing through this stuff the texture is satisfyingly firm pre pressed and ready to cook straight away .

Although the original  recipe  calls for strips I decided to do a larger pieces to get super crispy corners. 

To marinate I simply place pieces in a Sealy bag with pepper and soy sauce give it a shake and get on with veg prep.

A great way to use up random veggies in the fridge this recipe works with most and onions and mushrooms are a must if to your taste but on this instance I added a humble sweet pepper ,rocket and some spring onions ,setting aside a few to garnish .

Leaving for no more than 30 minutes the pieces will be ready to coat in a mix of flour ,salt and pepper .
 I use rice flour as a alternative but its entirely personal preference. 
 Coat each side and edges  then add to generously oiled pan on a medium heat .
To test oil is ready to cook and achieve  ample crispness a pinch of flour will bubble and signal the go .  
Fry for a few minutes each side and then place on to a kitchen roll sheet to absorb excess moisture .. I usually now pop on a tray and into the oven on a low heat out of sight because I will eat them all before everything else is ready ...not cool apparently. 

For extra goodness I add a little frozen oriental mix with my other veggies in the leftover oil and stir fry for a few minutes leaving a little crunch , I would prefer to use a wok for this but mine currently needs replacement . Everything is smelling really good and a rice or noodle should be ready to add to your meal .
I have attempted a from scratch sweet chilli sauce but that has been about as successful as my egg free baking , I'm working on that !  
For ease and a quick but essential addition to the dish I use a vegan chilli sauce and finish with spring onions and brown flaxseeds for extra protein and omega goodness.  Delicious !

Cruelty Free Brands I love ... NYX

A firm favourite in my make up routine this brand has an affordable price point and packs a real punch , iconic products are used worldwide by professional and budding MUA's , now stocked in Superdrug and widely available online . The butter gloss do as promise and melt on your lips a non sticky formula beautiful worn alone or over a favourite lip shade , just one of my go to products in the expansive range .

Easy Oat Pancakes

 A super sumptuous breakfast these pancakes are guaranteed to hit the spot. So simple and fuss free .

All that's needed is 
 3 bananas
 2 cups of oats 
1 1/2 cups of oat milk  

Place all ingredients in a blender until a  thick consistency  is achieved  , add 1 large tablespoon of mix for mini size or a ladle for large to oiled pan of medium heat. 
 A minute or so each side will have your pancakes perfect and ready to stack and veil with delicious treats or healthy additions ,enjoy ! 
*This is a recipe that I found online and couldn't wait to try , source unknown but highly deserving of credit .

Ulla Hydration Reminder Review


 This neat little device encourages optimum hydration reminding you to drink as frequently as you need to .
Attached to drinking bottle or glass the flicker will catch your eye offering a discreet prompt for those like myself who need to hydrate BUT ALWAYS FORGET .  perfect for use at home or on the go it is impossible to not increase your fluid intake .   Genius !                 

Missguided Review


This site is an fashion adventure.  Hours spent deciding on the perfect  pieces due to the expansive varity.
The quality and attention to detail of the shopping experience is second to none from the tags on the garments to the #BABEUNIFORM packaging have me returning most weeks to update my essentials and holiday wardrobe.

Huel Meal Replacement Review


Having used this product for over 6 months I have noticed a vast improvement In the condition of my skin ,hair and nails. Boasting a complete 500 calorie meal  this convenient powder can be used in so many ways ensuring a complete and nutritionally balanced diet that truly does satisfy. I love food and over eat terribly ,I make terribly unhealthy food choices when disorganised and restricted on choice when hunger pangs strike.
Simply mixed with water and a preferred flavour sachet a smooth wholesome shake will not only reduce your hunger significantly but provide you with essential vitamins and nutrients .
Innovative new products increase the Huel line regularly so there is something for each individual.
I do not follow a strict plan but 5 out of the 7 days per week I have s shake as a meal replacement .
Since doing so my weight has remained consistent and along with the use of some beautiful products my complexion is clear and my energy levels have increased.

Soft Glam palette by anastasia beverly hills.


The leading brand in high end cruelty free products this is another  stunning collection from Anastasia Beverly hills. Hosting some favoured shades of the Modern Renaissance and subculture and prism release . The selection of shades cover a whole host of looks from day to night matte to sheen .

A sure investment I receive compliments on the daily because of the intense pigmentation and consistency that eases the most novice artist into a flawless application.

An extra special mention to the use of the shade Noir this is just lustful on a sultry smoked eye,with sure staying power!
My favoured look is a soft matte base over the whole eye of Tempura , This will prepare the the delicate skin without creasing ensuring a perfect base for the other shades. Cyprus Umber is a perfect transition shade applied into the crease with a warmth of Rose Pink  on the lid to finish and highlight ,lashings of mascara beautifying .

Jordana Complete Cover 2-in-1 Concealer & Foundation Review .


I just  adore the packaging of this foundation as it  is easy to distribute using the tapered nozzle with full control of the amount that you need to use , although it states on tube to apply with a brush or fingertips I found that a dampened sponge achieved the most flawless finish . There is no doubt this is a full coverage foundation perfect for events and super long days , once set with my favourite powder or mist it will  last the entire day , this incredibly build able formula will cover and perfect uneven tones and flaws on the skin effortlessly . This fabulous American  brand really has my attention and I am excited to explore the Jordana product range further . 

asos Online Shopping Review


I was familiar with this brand and had an absolute blast peeking  the products and incredible selection they have on offer to an avid online shopper like myself ...there was so much from unmissable bargains to indulgent payday treats.
Browsing through trusted brands with the visually pleasing layout made navigation a breeze..It sure didn't take me long to have a virtual basket full of gorgeous goodies.
My order was on its way to me promptly and I was super impressed with the quality and sleek design of the packaging and protective measures taken to ensure that each product arrived in perfect condition and ready to use.
I will embrace the asos A-List Benefits on a regular basic for sure.

The Great Hat Exhibition 2018 Press Preview Presentation, London ,UK


At the very  moment of entry into the lustrous  Pinko flagship store, Knightsbridge I was greeted  with warmth and gleaming smiles from the very beautiful Pinko staff. I was incredibly thrilled to have recieved an invite to attend .  

  Milliners , designers , photographers ,bloggers and influencers gathered at the exclusive press preview of 32 hats designed by milliners from across the globe .

In partnership with PINKO the combined artistry and fashion complimented each other   as so carefully selected to match each style .The fashion brand with itallian influences showcased a collection that was sublimly feminine with sharpness and elegence .

It was my great plesure to have met Monique
Lee Founder of X terrace platform  and manager of the exhibition , Just these few images show the  varity of colours textures and incredible detailing to the hats on display with only a selection 200 creations it is hard to imagine the hours of work and level of cocentration that goes into creating such unique pieces to adorn the head.

  Monique the curator covered every single detail whilst putting together this incredible event  I had a fabulous time  in the company of so many talented individuals , I could almost feel the creative static in the room .

Milani Conceal + Perfect Foundation Review


This foundation is an absolute dream, weather it be a quick application as im rushing out the door or a full coverage for a night out this gorgeous formula adheres to my skin blurring any imperfection or blemish in no time at all with very little effort needed to blend with dampened sponge.

The clue really is in the title and conceal it will  , all day long after even the longest days or sweatiest workout.

I took a small gamble by selecting my shade purely from the online chart but with and without tan 01 creamy Vanilla suits my tone just fine .
Skin will feel fresh and I found that I experienced very little oxidisation 
mattifying but moisturising I will be sure to continue to use this into the summer months as its perfect for my       at times oily and problamatic face .

♡ Kelemchi Picks ♡


Original source Cherry & Almond Shower Milk

A very familiar brand within my clean routine . Kind to the earth as much as my skin and come on,lets face it who doesn't want to smell like a bakewell tart ,simply delicious .

YUSHOI Sweet Chili & Lemon

Pea crisps ! whatever next ,this little bag is a lovely snack for on the move . very satisfying and flavoursome these protein packed stick are all you need when those savoury cravings strike.. The chili is subtle but delightfully moreish , don't be fooled by the light and crispy texture as they really are quite filling .

Black Tassel necklace

I had an event to attend and really wanted a choker style statement piece of jewellery.

I found this gorgeous tasselled necklace on eBay and fell in love with it instantly ,I couldn't wait to wear it and despite having a pretty wild night ,I was very pleased to still be in proud possession of it the morning after.

I was wearing a pretty casual outfit and this was the perfect accessory to lift my look.

NYX  Soft Matte Lip Creme

I am in awe of this lip formula created by one of my favourite cruelty free brands. without a doubt it is one of the most gorgeous matte lip products i have used .
once applied my lips feel moisturised and fully dressed without drying or most importantly flakiness of the lip.
I cant wait to experiment with the vast array of shades .

Pukka Supreme Matcha Green 

As you may have previously noticed I am an avid drinker of the wondrous green tea and again Pukka is my Savior brand with a perfect brew each and every time .
I aim to drink 3- 4 cups per day to experience the full benefits.

Superdrug Charcoal Toothpaste

A refreshing alternative to regular mint flavoured paste this is yet another fabulous product from the Superdrug range.
eager to discover the benefits of a charcoal formulation for myself I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and clean feeling this product gives as well as keeping away stains from red wine and green tea drinking.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara Review


''I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.''

 I have been stuck in a mascara rut for a little while now , an essential finishing touch to every make up look , it was getting really frustrating to find a suitable formula to elongate , thicken and have 12 hour staying power .

I am not entirely down with spending a lot of my hard earned cash on higher end brands ,I have to be in love Worth the product and feel I am really getting my moneys worth .
The MarcJacobs Velvet Noir Volume Mascaras impressed me no end .
with a couple of strokes the lashes are coated with the gorgeous glossy formula you really  don't need to apply a massive  amount to achieve a wide eyed ready for action look .

 Annoyingly my eyes are  super sensitive and tend to water frequently with little persuasion ,this mascara did not have that effect whatsoever feeling light and luscious until the day was done most importantly without any  smudging at all  .

I reverted to one of my regular mascaras and  was unable to achieve the same gorgeous effect. 

The brush is a great size with curves  that taper  to allow coverage ,even on the tiny lashes to add remarkable volume .

This is such a lovely product It has  been put straight on my Christmas gift list.
 All I have to do now is have to make sure I am a good girl.

Marc Jacobs Beauty at John Lewis ,


The Ordinary Serum foundation Review


Wow !  
This stuff  is one of the best foundation formula's that I have ever used .

There was so much hype on social media about this product and what with Wayne Goss getting me hooked on the high spread ability primer after he raved about it on his you tube channel.

I had to try it !

The pump dispenses the product quite quickly and I found that my preferred method of application was to buff 2 pumps into the skin with a brush and then use my sponge blender to work in areas around my eyes ,nose and chin . A little goes a long way its astonishing really the magic that this little bottle beholds.
This is a serum formulation but the coverage is certainly sufficient for a full days wear.

There are many shades to select from and at such a reasonable price mixing 2 together is a really great idea when shopping online.

It sells out incredibly quickly and it is easy to understand why .

Home Wrecker by Jennifer Juan


I was very fortunate to be gifted this release and asked to share my thoughts of it with you guys , It is my absolute pleasure to do so.

This collection of poetry is a thrilling tarn in which I regularly plunge myself into.
Jennifer's words captivate and Provoke thoughts of great depth and realism and will continue be part of my light reading agenda.

This very talented writer engages the reader with verses of truth and devastating irony that lurk in our everyday lives .

Each poem in this collection has the power to wow , A brutally honest portrayal of the thoughts we all share ,yet dare to speak.

I am unable to recommend this book  to the degree that it deserves and impatiently await further work from this outstanding author.

Below are a selection of my personal favourites .


' Maybe I can only save myself,
 when nobody is watching,
 and I can count all the ways,
 I let you walk away '


' I'll manage, until I don't.
 Then everyone is angry,
 because I'm not super human,
 and I can't survive on my own,
 and they're disappointed,
 that I have dropped everyone,'

Depression Is Not Real ?

' We sleep,
to escape,
exhaustion drags her back to me,
from the good day,
I hoped we’d have. '

Home Wrecker By Jennifer Juan .

 Available now for  your Kindle device ,also the Kindle App for iphone and android .

 Special thanks goes to

1920's Make up Halloween Special


If there is ever a time to experiment with a make up look Halloween is it .I was so tempted to recreate a 'day of the dead ' Sugar skull but later decided to follow the darker Passion that I hold for a 1920s ,Peaky Blinders vibe.
I love a smoked eye and used my Naked3 to create this look layering shades Nooner,Mugshot and Blackheart.
For exaggerated drama I applied synthetic lashes to the lower lines of the eyes for added abnormality.
I then applied a dark wine lip to accentuate but not overpower the strength of my eyes ,I really wanted them to be the key feature even adding a small heart to my skin just below the lashes.
Working with the natural wave of my hair I pinned it to the side and finger waved my strong side parting .
This is a traditional styling technique the is very structured and set with a strong water based styling product such as gel .
My look was finished with my outfit choice of a black sequined bralette ,high waisted coral skirt and my most Victorian boots .
Might I add very inappropriate for the chilly late October temperature here in the UK.

♡ Kelemchi Picks ♡


 Heath & Heather Organic Green Tea with Manuka 

Forever in persuit of the most delicious Green Tea Combinations this month I chose to try a Manuka infusion from my much loved Heath & Heather.
Valued for its antibacterial properties this is the perfect cup of comfort with renowned green tea benefits all the while showing germs the door .

Woodsman - Ben Law 


Here amongst this month's treasures sits one of the most incredible books I have had the pleasure to read , the inspiring and humbling struggles that are faced by Ben Law as he seeks to reside amongst nature away from the grind of everyday life .
This book is a  fascinating eye-opener and Ben  featured on the hit TV show Grand Designs with his incredible homemade habitat intertwined with an astounding respect for his natural surroundings.
A must for those who dream of simplicity .

The Ordinary High Spreadability Fluid Primer 

Being an dedicated follower of the super knowledgeable Wayne Goss on YouTube , I was introduced to this absolute wonder of a brand that is The Ordinary .
Wayne featured this brand  on his channel and couldn't contain his excitement each and every time he spoke of it.
Let's be fair here, the guy knows what he is talking about and clearly this primer is no exception.
Using the super cool dropper I worked a little ( as suggested) into my T-Zone area and can see a noticeable difference in my skin texture and make up longevity , My foundation game has propelled ! #Alwaystrustgoss

Superdrug Lotus Flower & Cherry Blossom Body Butter 

This generous pot of dreamy Body Butter smells incredible , it's reasonably priced and has dry knees and elbows feeling gorgeous in no time .
I love to use this as part of my pre tan prep to get my skin moisturised and feeling nourished.


These bars are totally delicious and made entirely of raw fruit and nuts .
The various flavours are all dairy and gluten free and make the perfect break time snack or post workout energy boost .
There are many gorgeous flavours to choose from and the Rhubarb & Custard smells utterly devine .

NYX Butter Gloss 

This gloss in the shade Creme Brulee  is super moisturising on the lips with no tacky feels.
A nourishing formula that I am most certain will suit every skin tone , freshen any make up look and compliment darker shadow applications .
A gorgeous nude sheen with a cupcake scent ,yummy !