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♡DIY Summer Hair ♡


I'm a hairdresser ,I know all to well what its like to have a solid gold pain in the ass sat in my chair , I  AM ALSO A NIGHTMARE CLIENT! 

I couldn't burden any stylist with my unreasonable expectations and restlessness it would ruin their day .
I get a vision in my mind and I am the only person able to make it reality .
I am very creative and this is apparent in my techniques ,
I have in the past been questioned and even ridiculed for my unorthodox approach to colouring and cutting hair , but working with amazing people and 15 years of  experience has taught me to not hold back and limit my creativity.

I love texture and colours that merge seamlessly , I have been platinum blonde for very many years, but as I have got older with the fine lines beginning to show I prefer a darker base to frame my face with a contrast into platinum on the ends. 
Its an extremely fashionable look right now that really works for me as I have more options with make up shades and to be perfectly honest a full head bleach application every 4 weeks really takes its toll on the hair and scalp.

I worked through my dry hair with a brush (this doesn't happen often ) then applied Organic Shop grape and honey conditioner  to to lightest areas on the mid lengths and very ends.
This will form a protective barrier for the hair that is light enough and not in need of any additional lift.
This will prevent overlapping the bleach causing irreversible damage to the hair .

Preparation is key.

This hair conditioner smells absolutely Divine 

Essential Equipment 

A tint Bowl and brush with tinting spatula are essential for creating a smoothly blended colour application on thick ,coarse or curly hair .
Using a spatula allows you to apply exactly where you need the colour with a softer lift than other methods such as foils that encase the sections of hair.

Jerome Russell Maximum Lift Bleach Powder and Peroxide

I always use the Jerrome Russel B Blonde high lift powder bleach, It lightens my hair very quickly and is packaged very well in individual measures for you to easily combine with little to no wasted product.

It is so reasonably priced considering it is on par with many salon exclusive brands, in fact there has been a occasion that I have purchased other brands to lighten my hair and have always been left disappointed and returning to the store to purchase my faithful BBlonde for Perfect results every time.


It is absolutely essential that you follow all directions that are provided with any colouring product.

Spatula  Application 

Carefully working from the bottom of my hair, combining chunky weaves and slices.I placed each section over the  spatula maintaining tension by holding the ends with my hand , I applied the bleach first to the to the middle and then through the ends finally lightly upwards with the remainder on the tint brush . I slowly use the comb end of the spatula to move the product down from the root at least 2 inches, this when done carefully will blend beautifully so its really worth taking your time .

 Nice and Easy 6A

My hair was a little brassy and faded at the root ,so I used a darker brown with an ash tone to cool any of the warmer tones and add definition around the face ,also making eye colour more noticeable.

I use professional products too but on this particular occasion being a little impulsive I picked these products up at my local pharmacy /Drug store.
Again please follow all instructions carefully .

Regrowth Application 

This is a fantastic low maintenance colouring technique as your regrowth is far less noticeable . I only colour this root  area when my hair  really needs brightening otherwise I would skip this step applying only bleach every 6 weeks to mid lengths and ends for subtle lift .

Once spatula application is complete , I applied the base 6A to my regrowth and random unbleached pieces ,taking extra care not to let the colours touch ,adding these low lights will soften the overall effect and give a professional multitonal finish.        
Once you have reached development time ,Emulsify colour and rinse until clear then shampoo hair twice paying extra attention to the hair line.
there will be a slight addition of tone to your blonde from the base colour I kinda like that ,Just go with it .              

Colour Effects 8.1 cool blonde Colour enhancing shampoo.

Once you have washed your hair a few times you may notice the blonde is becoming brassy again my favourite product to use for this is the Colour Effects Shampoo from Superdrug.

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