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♡ Hula Fitness ♡


I would say that I'm generally quite fit ,I don't have any particular routine that I follow mainly exercise by taking long walks with the dog and using a hula hoop a minimum of  twice a week .
Hooping is such a fantastic workout that directly targets your waist ,perfect for me as that is where I carry any  extra weight.
now I'm not talking about your standard hula commonly seen in a children's playground . 

The hoop that I use is weighted to 4lbs and has nodules around the inner  effectively breaking down fat cells whilst strengthening my core .
The duration of my hula sessions last for around an hour .
beginners are recommended to start with short 10 minute bursts building up as it becomes more comfortable to do so . 

I'm not going to lie here its pretty hard going at first  I sustained a belt of bruises for about a week once I began ,this did not discourage me though ,no pain no gain right?
I have been doing this for about a year now and can really see ,and feel the  difference most notably a firmer toned stomach and slender silhouette.
The main attraction for me is I can hula at home at any time around any schedule just pick that bad boy up and off I go, 
Running was an exercise that I really enjoyed but having to kit up put me off and my routine was short lived .
Another major factor of my running demise was having to literally strap down my 34dd chest.

Once you are past the bruises hooping is a fairly low impact exercise if you suffer from joint pain ,if you have problems with your back it is great for maintaining flexibility and great posture  ,I have really noticed an increase of my core strength whilst walking up hill and engaging in other strenuous activities . 
A 10 minute workout will burn around 100 calories so even after a long day I try to do at least that. Highly recommended guys ,give it a go !

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