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♡ Creature comforts ♡


Everyone has thier own idea of a dream home ,it might be a secluded country mansion , or idilic beach hut overlooking the south pacific ,we all have a dreamy image etched into our minds.

whoa! OK ,back in the room .
 As wonderful as it may be to have riches that can bring the dream alive I think that no matter who you are or size of the wad in your pocket , home is simply the place you are most familiar with and at ease ,where your heart can warm and mind can rest .
I mean think about it for a sec how many times have you heard someone say after a luxury holiday that they were glad to be back in their own bed .
ah see a very good point ,I hear you say well its true and as with almost everthing in life the shell can be the most beautiful you may ever have seen but if you cant hear the sea ,then it just wont do . 
I am very fortunate to have a wonderful cosy habitat that I share with a very handsome man and our delightful pooches .
 The addition of these cool items  make it our perfect little bubble of cosiness. .


look at this cute little guy , who knew  I could thoroughly enjoy the delights an adhesive ladybird can bring . 
I took this pic at around dusk one evening as I loved the way the light makes everything glow so softly . 

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