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♡Creating a Terrarium ♡


Before I begin telling you how I put this little world together It is only fair to let you know I have absolutely no clue what I am doing when it comes to plants , sunshine ,water and a little love is all you need right?

A bit like me really .

I picked up the glass  container in a  charity/thrift shop for only a few pounds ,I had been interested in terrariums for a while and had an idea of how I would like mine to look .


The plants I used are a mixture of cacti and succulents as these plants thrive in this type of environment.
They are very low maintenance and need only an inch of water on a fortnightly basis.

Adding gravel to the bottom first to create good drainage I then added a mixture of water retaining crystals with cacti specific compost mix. 

Once happy with the overal foundation of the tiny enviroment I gently placed  each plant in the desired positionso taking extra care putting  the micro cuttings into the glass bottle as seen above ., these were in fact so tiny I had to use tweezers. 

All that was left to do was decorative touches again I used the tweezers to place stones accordingly, a bit of a fiddly one this and certainly not for the impatient but just take a look at what can be achieved,

My very own little world .

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