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♡ Striving For Perfection♡


It is on a regular basis that I look in the mirror and think ,what a funny looking thing you are Kelly , I'm serious , my nose is without a doubt too damn  prominent for my face , luckily I grew into my teeth , they to were absolutely massive ,I had a huge gap at the front  also ...I mean give the girl a break here .
Just wait until you see my school photos. 

We all have things that we dislike about ourselves I mean we cant all be perfect,  right?

What is perfection? 
Focusing constantly on image and flaws can really get a hold of you ,and bring you down . Picture for a moment the celebrity or individual that is your definition of perfect,  I can pretty much guarantee that if you asked they would not agree with you.
we are just to mean to our selves .

 And  each other..

I was about 14 at the time ,hating on secondary school ,every bit the awkward ,hormonal teenage girl .
Things at home were getting  crazier and of course I hadn't done my homework , the struggle was indeed real .
The very last thing I needed was to be informed that  "My nose is massive " 
I looked in the mirror all the time and had never considered its size or proportion to my face before , what I'm getting at here is since that moment I have never looked at myself in the same way.

Because of the opinion of someone else ,who has a perfect nose? where do I get one ?

We only hate what is compared or pointed out by others ,we will never be able to truly appreciate ourselves because  of our desire to be desired and accepted by unrealistic standards of beauty.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with my nose , it functions perfectly fine I am my most grateful when I have a cold and realise how great it does usually work, Nah , I don't need a new nose ,wouldn't suit me like this one , I would become someone else ?

Now and again I will be running errands or walking the dog and will catch a glimpse of real beauty , an unusual allure  that is unique .
Have you ever looked at someone and found yourself captivated by how they look ? 
This not because you are attracted to them it is because they are individuals,unique not a tired version of everything else ,to me this is the truest asset any person can behold.

I would say that though because I'm kinda funny looking.

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