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I love food ♡ I eat constantly ,although not always ,on the whole I  try hard to eat well .
I am super conscious about what I'm putting in my mouth ,where it comes from and how fresh it really is .
It is just so important to eat well , and so simple .
January 2017 I was feeling the aftermath of Christmas and had definitely piled on a few extra pounds ...OK nearly a stone but  I had over indulged and knew what I had to do at 10st 6 I was heading back to a time that my clothes were uncomfortable to wear and I just didn't feel great in my own skin .
 Let me please just clarify this weight gain was to much for my body shape and height as an individual ,everyone is different,your ideal weight could be more ,could be less .
These are simple key factors when trying to achieve a healthy ,happy version of you .
healthy and happy !
 not hangry !

That's what its all about for me I have never been able to follow a food plan as I'm just so hectic all the time but the food pics you will see below are random meals and snacks that I prepare for myself on a regular basis all in my quest to satisfy my endless hunger.
I'm not into calorie counting and measuring  portions because frankly ... pf ft   but my general rules are . 

Drink loads of water !

Half of your plate = salad or vegetables always !

minimal carbohydrates in the evening time!

herbal infusions  all day long !

green tea before 6pm !


 The variety of herbal teas available are endless,making it increasingly hard to choose. 
I have a lot of love for the selection available from Pukka .
This is a very ethical company that bring a fantastic range of flavors from around the world to your cup.
Mint Matcha Green being my very favourite.

Having lost 6lb since January I am much happier in myself and feel a little more ' smokin' in my favourite pair of jeans currently a pair of gents Baxters from Top Man ,random I know, but I'm sure you will get used to that ,keep an eye out for my summer fashion post for more about those and other cool outfits I feel fabulous in. 

If you are stuck for what to make yourself for lunch or just looking to add a little variety to your meals or weekend treats .I do hope you can gain some inspiration here and hopefully share your favourites too.

Please let me know about your relationship with food .

What are your favourite random combos ?

Spicy Thai Bites

From the Asda vegetarian range these little bites are
so tasty without being over fragrant like some Thai food products,simply bake in the oven for time instructed then serve with a dipping sauce such as sweet chili or garlic mayonnaise .
I enjoy  with cucumber batons and sweetcorn .

                                        Black Forest Dessert

Natural yogurt is layered in a glass with honey and forest fruits to create a delicious treat ,sprinkled with chocolate this is a perfect alternative to ice cream .

Classic Egg & Cress Wholemeal Roll

fresh organic free range eggs with only cress ,mayo and a wholemeal roll is effortless to prepare and a Delicious reminder of teatime with grandparents.

Spicy Bean Burger With Feta and olive salad

I have this meal easily twice a week , this time from Lidl the frozen vegetarian burger is baked according to instruction , I add mild cheese until melted then encase in toasted wholemeal pitta slices and enjoy with a simple salad of rocket ,olives and feta cubes.
A glass of sparkling water is the perfect accompaniment to any meal if you are avoiding alcohol.

  Hot chocolate with Marshmallows

If its late of an evening and I fancy a sweet treat hot chocolate is always a winner .
I firstly mix 3 heaped teaspoons of hot chocolate powder with a dash of milk to form a paste then simply add boiled water and top with a generous handful of mini marshmallows ... so, so good!

Pear and Walnut salad

A delicious summer salad that's very simple to make ,here we have rocket with celery ,cucumber and pear .

A drizzle of olive oil and honey compliment the fresh flavours beautifully ,Perfect for those summer days when you really don't want to be cooking in a hot kitchen.

Raspberry and cherry sponge loaf with white chocolate drizzle

Feeling particularly creative on a drizzly Saturday afternoon 
I whipped up a basic sponge mix consisting of  caster sugar , softened butter, bicarbonate of soda , Self raising flour , eggs and a cheeky splosh of  milk .
placing this mixture in a pre grease and lined loaf tin .
I baked for 45 minutes ,allowed to cool then drizzled white chocolate and a few raspberries , 
Many sponge recipes can be found on line very easily , For best results follow in accordance with the size and shape of tin that you are using along with type of oven .

I really fancied something  tasty and indulgent, the fella was away at a show, I had the whole weekend to entertain myself .
There was only one thing for it ...
Prosecco and cake 

Meat free sausages served as meatballs with simple tomato base and spaghetti pasta 

     A great and satisfying meal complimented perfectly with vine ripened tomatoes ,olive oil and fresh parsley.
A little taste of the Mediterranean and delicious with a glass of sparkling water chilled with frozen raspberries. 

Lemon Drizzle sponge loaf with blueberries.

Now this was a naughty treat Homemade Lemon drizzle sponge with a blueberry twist , As I mentioned it is so important to reward yourself with a tasty delight like this if you are always eating so well and let's face it baking is actual  therapy.  

Overnight berries ,honey and Natural Yogurt.

Drizzling honey around a large glass then adding frozen berries and yogurt alternately will create a perfect summer breakfast.
leave overnight in the fridge then enjoy alone or added to oats or muesli , so lovely in the warmer months.

Carrot and coriander soup 

My favourite dinner... fresh coriander topped  butternut and carrot Covent Garden soup with a warmed wholemeal wrap. Delicious.

Oats with almond milk and honey 

This here is a peppermint green tea with  pretty big bowl of jumbo porridge oats ,a generous splosh of rude health almond milk topped with walnuts and honey . I try to start the day with a huge breakfast as I definitely need a surge of energy first thing in the morning . You may notice the oats are uncooked I love a little crunch and kinda  prefer my oats this way as it saves precious morning time and I feel that it keeps me fuller for longer .

Super easy cookie mix From Betty crocker

 A Little kit like this is perfect if you don't possess fantastic baking skills and but fancy a homemade treat .

I literally added 2 tablespoons of water to the chocolate chip mix ,
Worked that in until dough consistency  was achieved ,decided mix onto baking tray .
Popped it in the oven and BOOM, delicious foolproof cookies  .
All instructions are on the pack and they are amazing .

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