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♡ Hangover Survival Kit ♡


I am an expert in the hangover field, I  get them so bad I even stopped drinking for 3 months after a seriously great night at Christmas had me feeling like I was never going to be OK again.  
I don't mean the kind where you find yourself waking a little thirsty  with a fuzzy head.
I am talking hours of sickness and a throbbing migraine like pain   .
Horrific sure there is one way you can be certain to avoid the inevitable morning after misery and this of course is not to drink alcohol but jeez what fun is that, you've worked hard all week you have a cute dress to show off and boy do you need to blow off some steam.
This selection is the only hope I have when I am an absolute mess.
I rely on these Savior's time after time after nights that were only meant for one or two drinks.
Water is essential for hydration and mixed with a sachet of Diaoralyte you will feel the benefits in as little as 10 minutes this is a great place to start when you are feeling terrible trust me this stuff is amazing in fact I regularly put a sachet into birthday  cards to help my loved ones get through the boozy celebrations.
I am never without my Britta water bottle and its a great size for crucial re hydration.
Herbal infusions are additionally a wonderful way to replace lost fluids .
Heath & Heather do a fantastic green tea and Moroccan mint flavour full of antioxidants and additionally calming to the stomach perfect in your favorite mug.
 Once the nausea has eased the next thing I try to do is get something in my tum a banana will provide essential potassium and teamed with a Delicious Eat Natural bar energy levels will start to increase and blood sugars will be rebalanced .
 hopefully by now you are beginning to feel human again so take a shower freshen up and get yourself cosy and relax. 
Optrex do this great eye mask that will be kind to  eyes that have had little sleep and endured luscious falsies and smoky environments.
If you want to be sure to recover fully you must take time to rest and even nap if you need too.
You may not like bananas or even drinking water but these are the things that work for me and if it brings you any relief then that's just fabulous . 

Take care fellow drinkers have fun and be safe. 

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