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♡ My Tanning Routine ♡


I use this pair twice a week to keep my skin glowing .
 I feel so much more confident when I wear a tanning product as my skin is kinda pale but not in that beautiful flawless way just dull and imperfect . 
I have had many faux pas with fake tan in my time and have found ST MORITZ Tanning Mousse to be very easy to use and  reasonably priced .The mouse formula when used with care will not run or drip ,Great if you have light carpets !

 I switch up my shades using medium in the winter months and dark in the summer.Preperation is key and I follow these rules to achieve perfect lasting results every time.

♡ I always apply in the evenings and then shower off the next day to ensure colour does not stain clothing.

♡ Allow 24 hours after shaving legs to apply.

♡ Use a body brush or loofah  to exfoliate skin focussing on legs and bum.

♡ Use a oil based moisturisr on dryer areas of skin such as ankles ,elbows and knees .

♡ A small make up brush is better for chest ,hands and feet .

♡ Wait at least 1 hour after bath or shower to ensure skin is dry whilst allowing skin temperature to cool .

♡ Tie up Hair especialy if blonde or with highlights .

♡ Once you are dry after application wear dark loose clothing.

♡ Protect  bed covers as product will  stain.

♡ Moisturise to prolong colour .

♡ Showering and exfoliation  will help your tan fade more evenly .

♡ Begin with thin coats to achieve desired colour to skin .

Using the Velvotan mitt that is cleverly lined to prevent hand stains. I firstly apply to my feet and work my way up my body using a combination of straight and circular motions alterating left to right for even coverage. This mitt is a great size for a speedy application. 
Taking care to rapidly blend any unsightly lines and blobs of mouse because the colour is instant.

I recommend that once you have finished then use whatever is surplus on the mitt for your face as it is much more subtle ....the back area ??? please let me know your tips and tricks as I'm yet to master that .

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