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1920's Make up Halloween Special


If there is ever a time to experiment with a make up look Halloween is it .I was so tempted to recreate a 'day of the dead ' Sugar skull but later decided to follow the darker Passion that I hold for a 1920s ,Peaky Blinders vibe.
I love a smoked eye and used my Naked3 to create this look layering shades Nooner,Mugshot and Blackheart.
For exaggerated drama I applied synthetic lashes to the lower lines of the eyes for added abnormality.
I then applied a dark wine lip to accentuate but not overpower the strength of my eyes ,I really wanted them to be the key feature even adding a small heart to my skin just below the lashes.
Working with the natural wave of my hair I pinned it to the side and finger waved my strong side parting .
This is a traditional styling technique the is very structured and set with a strong water based styling product such as gel .
My look was finished with my outfit choice of a black sequined bralette ,high waisted coral skirt and my most Victorian boots .
Might I add very inappropriate for the chilly late October temperature here in the UK.

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