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Home Wrecker by Jennifer Juan


I was very fortunate to be gifted this release and asked to share my thoughts of it with you guys , It is my absolute pleasure to do so.

This collection of poetry is a thrilling tarn in which I regularly plunge myself into.
Jennifer's words captivate and Provoke thoughts of great depth and realism and will continue be part of my light reading agenda.

This very talented writer engages the reader with verses of truth and devastating irony that lurk in our everyday lives .

Each poem in this collection has the power to wow , A brutally honest portrayal of the thoughts we all share ,yet dare to speak.

I am unable to recommend this book  to the degree that it deserves and impatiently await further work from this outstanding author.

Below are a selection of my personal favourites .


' Maybe I can only save myself,
 when nobody is watching,
 and I can count all the ways,
 I let you walk away '


' I'll manage, until I don't.
 Then everyone is angry,
 because I'm not super human,
 and I can't survive on my own,
 and they're disappointed,
 that I have dropped everyone,'

Depression Is Not Real ?

' We sleep,
to escape,
exhaustion drags her back to me,
from the good day,
I hoped we’d have. '

Home Wrecker By Jennifer Juan .

 Available now for  your Kindle device ,also the Kindle App for iphone and android .

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