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Kelemchi picks !


Blue Bubble Online Jewellery 

I found this selection of cute earrings on EBay and have purchased many sets and anticipated  their arrival with no delay .Beautifully packaged ,perfect as a gift or cute addition to your collection .

Himalayan Salt Lamp 

There are many benefits to having Himalayan salt in the diet and home environment .
It is said that this gorgeous rock will help lung function and even reduce the  effects of negative ions in the home.
The  ambient glow is so comforting and perfect in any of your favourite rooms complimentary to any decor .

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade 

The one and only Anastasia dipbrow has proudly taken place on my creation station this month and quite frankly, I love it ! The texture is thickening to the brow and  easy to use along with your favourite brush (mine being the Real Techniques Lip Brush .
The formula is so adaptable and like to add a little The ordinary argan oil if I am looking to achieve a stronger brow .
Absolute perfection in the natural cool Ash Brown  shade of
Transfer resistant and waterproof I can go about even the busiest of days without having to give my brows a second thought .

LA Girl PRO Conceal Porcelain 

I just love the pro conceal formula on my skin the brush nib ensures a super quick application .
The coverage is full and not in any way drying or chalky .
I have one with me wherever I go .

Pukka Supreme Matcha Green Tea

 This is a splendid infusion by pukka herbs and really balances the green tea flavour that can at times be a little bitter .
If you ate looking to drink green tea this is a great selection to make .
The benefits are just to good to overlook and even if you are not so keen on the taste I suggest a little perseverance and it will quickly become a part of your healthy routine.

Superdrug Solait Tanning Mousse 

Let me explain here that I have previously used only one other brand of tanning mouse and did so for over 4 years so this was a huge step out of my comfort zone .
This is another beautiful formula from the entirely cruelty free Superdrug range.
 I found it so easy to apply , scented subtly of tropical coconuts the medium shade will have your skin forgetting that its even winter and well lets be honest we all feel better with a summery glow . Perfectly priced and packaged now a permanent fixture and so reasonably priced .

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