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Huel Meal Replacement Review


Having used this product for over 6 months I have noticed a vast improvement In the condition of my skin ,hair and nails. Boasting a complete 500 calorie meal  this convenient powder can be used in so many ways ensuring a complete and nutritionally balanced diet that truly does satisfy. I love food and over eat terribly ,I make terribly unhealthy food choices when disorganised and restricted on choice when hunger pangs strike.
Simply mixed with water and a preferred flavour sachet a smooth wholesome shake will not only reduce your hunger significantly but provide you with essential vitamins and nutrients .
Innovative new products increase the Huel line regularly so there is something for each individual.
I do not follow a strict plan but 5 out of the 7 days per week I have s shake as a meal replacement .
Since doing so my weight has remained consistent and along with the use of some beautiful products my complexion is clear and my energy levels have increased.

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