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Bosh ! Inspired crispy chilli tofu

I know,I know tofu ... ok so not famed for its wealth of flavour but this is a guaranteed winner and is made at least once a week in my home .
 I was inspired by the series of Bosh vegan cookery books and love recreating the recipes.
 More about those later ... Right then who's hungry ?

This may sound strange but I love slicing through this stuff the texture is satisfyingly firm pre pressed and ready to cook straight away .

Although the original  recipe  calls for strips I decided to do a larger pieces to get super crispy corners. 

To marinate I simply place pieces in a Sealy bag with pepper and soy sauce give it a shake and get on with veg prep.

A great way to use up random veggies in the fridge this recipe works with most and onions and mushrooms are a must if to your taste but on this instance I added a humble sweet pepper ,rocket and some spring onions ,setting aside a few to garnish .

Leaving for no more than 30 minutes the pieces will be ready to coat in a mix of flour ,salt and pepper .
 I use rice flour as a alternative but its entirely personal preference. 
 Coat each side and edges  then add to generously oiled pan on a medium heat .
To test oil is ready to cook and achieve  ample crispness a pinch of flour will bubble and signal the go .  
Fry for a few minutes each side and then place on to a kitchen roll sheet to absorb excess moisture .. I usually now pop on a tray and into the oven on a low heat out of sight because I will eat them all before everything else is ready ...not cool apparently. 

For extra goodness I add a little frozen oriental mix with my other veggies in the leftover oil and stir fry for a few minutes leaving a little crunch , I would prefer to use a wok for this but mine currently needs replacement . Everything is smelling really good and a rice or noodle should be ready to add to your meal .
I have attempted a from scratch sweet chilli sauce but that has been about as successful as my egg free baking , I'm working on that !  
For ease and a quick but essential addition to the dish I use a vegan chilli sauce and finish with spring onions and brown flaxseeds for extra protein and omega goodness.  Delicious !

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