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Eden Perfumes Brighton, UK

What's your favourite smell ? 
I love the scent of  cherry bakewells , fresh oranges and new books . When it comes to fragrance choice though the days of getting through a bottle of Lacoste Touch of Pink in a fortnight are long gone . 
An everlong favourite of my more matured self is Gypsy water from luxury brand Byredo,  it is beautiful,  soft and refined quite like myself ... yeah, right ? 
When I last checked it was not cruelty free and for this reason  I have not used it for a few years . 
Until I discovered EDEN , based in Brighton, UK this company , by hand create perfumes in a natural, cruelty free manner and even better at 1/3 of the price . 
I had to try it and I am so pleased with the result, I am now able to build a collection that will not only be kind to the senses but also the environment.  
Ordering is easy using the search bar to seek the dupe you are looking for accepting  of PayPal and fast shipping,  Awesome ! 

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